At IUT Metz, Mesures Physiques:
– 1st year Thermodynamics. Recitations and labs. Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016.
– 1st year Thermal Machines. Recitations. Spring 2016.
– 1st year Mechanics. Recitations and labs. Spring 2016, Spring 2017.
– 2nd year Fluid Mechanics. Lectures, recitations and labs. Spring 2017.

At IUT Paris Diderot, Mesures Physiques:
– 1st year Thermal Machines. Recitations. January-February 2011.

At MIT (USA), Department of Civil Engineering:
1.060 Engineering Mechanics II (Fluid Mechanics). Recitations. Spring 2006 and Spring 2008.

At University of A Coruna (Spain), School of Civil Engineering:
– Calculus II (2nd year). Recitation instructor for FORTRAN programming sessions. Spring 2001.