Nanoparticles Cell mechanics - I have worked on characterizing the mechanics of endothelial cells. Previous research projects on this topic include describing mitochondrial fission as an elastocapillary instability, characterizing transcellular tunnel opening by analogy with liquid dewetting, and developing models of nanoparticle internalization into endothelial cells.
Aggregate_aspiration Tissue mechanics - I have worked with cellular aggregates as an experimental model system to study the mechanics of soft tissues and tumors. My work on this area include characterizing active responses of tissues to force, quantifying adhesion energies and fracture in soft tissues, and more recently combining microfluidics and cellular aggregates to study interstitial flow through tumors.
scallop_inf Biomechanics of microorganisms - One of my main current interests is the study of collective behaviors of bacteria under flow. Previously I have theoretically studied strategies of bacterial locomotion at low Reynolds number. Currently, at University of Lorraine, I am setting up a new research project to study bacterial colonies under flow.
Water_stress Plant mechanics - During my last postdoctoral stay at Ecole Polytechnique, I developed a theoretical model of plant response to draught. The model described the physical couplings between heat transfer, hydrodynamics, and elasticity.
Beach_profile Coastal hydrodynamics and sediment transport - During my PhD at MIT, I developed hydrodynamics and sediment transport models for coastal processes, most notably to understand and predict cross-shore sediment transport across a beach profile.