Cell mechanics

Mitochondrial fission

We have proposed that mitochondrial fission can be described as an elasto-capillary mechanical instability, which resembles the Plateau-Rayleigh instability of liquid jets. Other topics of investigation include cellular dewetting and nanoparticle internalization. […]

Tissue mechanics

Aggregate aspiration

We have used spheroidal cellular aggregates to study how forces and flows can produce changes in soft tissues such as tumors. Topics of investigation include mechanosensitivity (shivering), detachment and fracture, and interstitial flow. […]

Biomechanics of microorganisms

Scallop-like swimmer

We have studied theoretically swimming strategies of microorganisms in the limit of very low Reynolds number, of interest to understand the evolution of swimming techniques during the growth of small organisms. […]

Plant mechanics

Water stress

We have developed a theoretical model of the physical response of plants to draught. The model couples fluid and solid mechanics, as well as a thermal balance. It explains the role of wilting in protecting plans from water stress. […]

Coastal hydrodynamics and sediment transport

We have developed analytical and numerical models to predict cross-shore sediment transport in the nearshore region, a key problem in coastal engineering to understand beach profile evolution. […]